*NEW* Two factor authentication

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*NEW* Two factor authentication

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I have implemented two factor authentication to the board.

Please note: This is optional and not required. However, I do encourage you to enable it.

What is 2FA? I've never heard of it
Put simply, 2FA is short for Two factor authentication. It is a more secure way of authenticating into an account. One of the ways it works is opening a smartphone app, getting a one time password and putting it in (in conjunction of the normal password).
How do I enable it?

  • 1. Go to the User Control Panel.

    1. Press Two Factor Authentication on the top bar
    2. Next to "add a key", select OTP from the dropdown menu
    3. Scan the QR code with an authentication app. Personally, I recommend Authy. To download Authy go to https://authy.com/.
    4. Enter the code your authentication software says, this is to make sure that you successfully connected. If you know you put in the correct code and it isn't working, contact an administrator.
    5. You're done! When you put your username and password in the login form, it will ask for your 2FA code.

How do I disable it?

  • Go to the User Control Panel
    Go to Two Factor Authentication
    Delete every key.

WARNING: Do NOT delete the key from your authentication software before you delete the key in the user control panel. This will cause you to lose all access to your account. If this occurs, please contact an administrator,

If you cannot login and you are ABSOLUTELY sure it is the correct code, please tell an administrator using the CONTACT US button the the bottom

What if I have U2F (a physical key)? Can I use that?

How do I enable U2F?

  1. Go to the User Control Panel
  2. Select Two Factor Authentication from the top menu
  3. Next to Add a key, select from the drop down menu U2F. Follow the on-screen instructions.

I can't see U2F from the dropdown menu?
This occurs when you use an unsupported browser. At the moment, only Google Chrome and Opera support U2F. If you are using an unsupported browser, the U2F option will be unavailable.

If you have any further questions, post in the Support forum at the bottom.
Broadcastre, aka. qcz :D

A changelog will be under this line
Edit 1: Added support forum link
Edit 2 (20-5-2020): Added (a physical key) for people who don't know what U2F is.
Edit 3 (21-5-2020): Explained Two factor authentication

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