Before applying to be unbanned.

Apply to be unbanned from this forum.
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Before applying to be unbanned.

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So, you wanna be unbanned.

Why you were banned

You were banned because you violated either the rules or the terms. Depending on the rule you broke, we usually issue warnings before we ban. If you ignore the warnings and keep breaking rules, you will be banned.

What you need to put in a ban appeal

For the username field, you need to put your forum username (only applicable if you're a guest) If you're a registered user posting a ban appeal (you shouldn't because you should be banned!), then put your username in the post.

The subject needs to be an actual subject, not "oMG PlS unBaNNn meEeEeE".

Any ban appeals that have subjects like that will be closed and ignored.

For the body, you need to put what you did, why you did it.

If your ban appeal is rude, you're appeal will be closed without further notice

Good luck
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