Goodbye, Broadcastre Computer Chat

Hello everyone, I've made the decision recently to bring this forum to an end. The forums are now gone effective immediately.

To tell you the truth, the forum was made to test out phpBB. As it stands currently, the forums are either completely dead or full of nonsensical/low value posts, which I don't have the time nor the patience to moderate. After multiple attempts to increase activity in the forums, I was unsuccessful in bringing the forum to an acceptable level of activity.

Although the forums have been taken offline, no data has been lost. I have a full backup of this site and everything posted to it.

Special thanks to:

Broadcastre (Worf) for hosting and maintaining this site.

Random American for being an insanely dedicated, active and friendly mod.

scooter for still sticking around, even after the forum had definitely died.

everyone who's submitted anything to the forums.

furry, who made the last post (which was his introduction)

The phpBB team, who brought us the wonderful software that powered our forums.

Thanks for joining me in the year this forum was active. If I ever announce that I'm opening another forum, please hit me with a brick.

This domain will not expire, because I host other things on this domain.

That's about it for the forums. Take care.


I maintain an imageboard over at If you'd like to talk there, please feel free to get active there.

I am also (partially) active on another amazing forum, known as The Atlantic Forums. Please feel free to go there as it is a very similar forum in nature.

If you'd like to contact me in any way, please feel free to contact me at or

Alternatively, you can contact me at Worf#5035 on Discord. This tag often changes, so if the request fails please send me an email instead.